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We are dedicated, long-term veteran Path of Exile players who strive to produce high quality guides for everyone! Whether you’re a new player looking to find a foothold in Wraeclast or well-worn Karui warrior looking for the best way to approach a new league or type of content, we’ve got your back!

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Frost Blades

Shatter the Atlas

Frost Blades

Learn how to play this fast-paced build with a cold heart and relive the melee experince you have always dreamed about!
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Consecrated Path

Unleash Your Inner Fire

Consecrated Path

Teleport from pack to pack leaving nothing but a trail of fire and explosions!
Start Here


'yer a Wizard, Exile


Cast multiple massive fireballs at your foes and watch them explode. Who's sleeping under the stairs now!?
Start Here


Twirl Your Way Through Their Hearts


Learn how to slay leagues of mobs with a well executed spin, twirl, kick and a leap!
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We have been playing Path of Exile for a LONG time but we never forget those who helped us along the way as well!

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